Article: 4 Things You Shouldn’t Do With Your Ex

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4 Things You Shouldn’t Do With Your Ex

Sometimes in a relationship many things happen, some that are good others are worse. When things hit the wall over whichever reason, the possibilities are either you will walk out on each other or be dumped. Here are things you should never do to your ex.

1. Taking revenge

Taking revenge to the one who hurt you will only bring more and more disappointments. Revenge makes it difficult for you to move on. However hurt you are, make up your mind and karma will take its place in the person who hurt you. As the saying goes, revenge is only for the weak. Be strong and move on.

2. Jump into bed with them

Having sexual intimacy with your ex will not and will never bring them back neither will it make you better rather it will end up complicating things and making it hard for you to move on. Sleeping around with your ex will hurt you and make you feel worse. Create space and avoid any physical contact with your ex for better healing.

3. Hang out with them

After a break up, it is a good idea that you distance yourself and be far apart. You need time to heal and that cannot be achieved by hanging around together. Never go out together or meet up because it will only bring old memories which will end up hurting you.

4. Beg them to take you back

Begging your ex back will only show that you are weak and desperate.

Do not ever let desperation get hold of you and start pleading for your ex to stay. This only worsens the situation because they will have more power over you and you will continue suffering. Forget everything and move on. Good things are waiting for you ahead.

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